OM of Motion
Life in 2011 is very loud. The collective background noise is filled with electricity, radio waves, cell phones, conversations, traffic, music, the ocean, wind.
OM is defined as the sound we would hear if everything on the planet was silent. It’s a sound as old and persistent as time. And it is there for us to reach in and know…always. OM of Motion is the art of reaching through the noise, with movement and breath, to find the purity, stillness and power that is the core of each of us. Just like OM, our truest and best selves are there, waiting for us to reach in, open up and shine. Enter our studio and find your place…the place where you get to be exactly who you are. We aren’t here to change you or make you fit into a mold. We’re here to celebrate you. Here are some of the things you’ll find when you walk through our door.
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