Best Sledding Spots on Martha's Vineyard

The thrill of the hill: Here are Islanders' suggestions for the best places to go sledding on Martha's Vineyard.

Patch editor Louisa Hufstader takes the plunge. (Alice Moore photo)
Patch editor Louisa Hufstader takes the plunge. (Alice Moore photo)
Where are the Vineyard's best sledding locations? We asked on Facebook and got these answers:

  • "Right behind the SSA Park & Ride. Great spot with easy access."
  • "Sweetened Water!"
  • "Abel Hill too. But avoid the headstones!"
  • "Tashmoo Overlook"
  • "Sweetened Water Farm"
  • "Tashmoo"
  • "Farm Neck?"
  • "Farm Neck"
  • "Tashmoo and up at the cliffs in Aquinnah"
  • "There are some unpaved roads in Vineyard Haven near Lake Road and the boat launch at Tashmoo. By the tennis courts. Since they are not heavily trafficked anyway it would be a good safe spot. You can take Greenwood to the culd e sac and then cut over to the left. Just behinD Jabberwocky!"

Do you have a favorite sledding spot that's not mentioned above? Share the fun and tell us in the comments.

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