Let’s Plant a Better World

A song by Wilson Conroy and the Sense of Wonder Creations Campers

kicked off their 22nd season with a week focused on “Sustainability, Permaculture, Locally Grown Produce and Farm Animals.”

Local farmer Kaily Binney, along with some gentle, friendly animals, visited the campers. The kids planted vegetables, fruits and herbs in the organic garden and expand the bee, hummingbird and butterfly gardens. Binney taught them about Permaculture and how to practice it at home.

The kids also learned about renewable resources, conservation, spiral gardens, how plants relate to one another, the surrounding environment, and natural pest control. Binney showed them how to build a structure using the “cob” method (clay, sand, straw, water and earth) that is used around the globe to build homes, and ovens.  

At the end of the week, there was an art show, a play and a performance of a song written by the campers and counselor Wilson Conroy called “Let’s Plant a Better World.” As you can see from the video, the campers were visited by a couple special guests who joined in the song.

Here are the lyrics in case you want to sing along as well.


"Let’s Plant a Better World"

By Wilson Conroy and the Sense of Wonder Campers



Let’s plant a better world

Step by step each day

Let’s plant a better world

I’ll show you the way


If we work together

Every boy and girl

All of us can make a change

And plant a better world





Is what you need to know


Eggs, plants, apple trees

Carrots, zucchini

Come on let them grow


We’ll rock out like thunder

We’ll dance like the sea

We’ll eat fruits and vegetables

If they’re grown locally




Cows, horses, chickens and sheep

Each one has a job


If you have no home to live

Make one out of cob


We love permaculture

We love the outdoors

We love every living thing

From the mountains to the shores




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