TELL US: Should Massachusetts Pass a Voter ID Bill?

Let us know your thoughts on presenting government-issued ID when voting for the general election in 2012.

 recently in helping to establish a non-binding ballot question in some of Bristol County's districts that aims to require the presentation of a government issued identification in order to vote in Massachusetts.

The new initiative, which will be on the district ballots in the first, fourth and sixth Bristol districts, will be voted on come November as a non-binding vote to show support for voter identification. The idea, according to Kozlowski, is designed to help minimize voter fraud.

Kozlowski worked with Peter Sacks at the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office to work on the language of the bill. The ultimate approval, even after possible support, would be up to the Attorney General. And the ballot question will essentially put out feelers for support of the bill.

Last year, several supporters tried to get a full state proposition on the ballot for this November, but the Attorney General's Office rejected the bid to require government ID for voting in Massachusetts, saying the cost of procuring a legal photo identification disenfranchises many voters.

But what do you think? Should Massachusetts require voters to present ID when at the polls? Will this prevent voter fraud, or hinder the freedom of elections? 

Ouie Boscoe August 30, 2012 at 12:21 PM
The fact is you cannot do much these days without a valid picture ID. So if there are in fact millions of Americans without a picture id according to the whining liberals then they should demand that these people be given valid photo ids immediately so they can function in society as the rest of us have to. This is an outrage that these people have to live in this country without a valid photo id. We must have social justice for these victims immediately.
LCT September 01, 2012 at 06:57 AM
Mike, The news keeps telling us approx 51% of the US population does not pay income taxes, many exempted because one has to earn above a specific amount before income taxes kick in. Are you seriously suggesting we wipe out 51% of the population from the right to vote? As it now stands only two things separate legals from illegals: voting and jury duty. The Constitution prohibits anyone who is not a citizen from voting. By the way, what makes you think retired people do not pay income taxes? I'm assuming you are not of retirement age to make such a comment otherwise you're in for a big shock when you retire because retired people DO PAY TAXES. It depends on your total income, not your working status. Your post is meant to be a joke, isn't it?
LCT September 01, 2012 at 07:27 AM
I have no problem at all showing some type of ID when I vote. When I first registered to vote I was not aked for any ID. At my voting place I am asked my address. A poll official looks up the address and says "are you so & so?". I nod or say "yes" & am handed a ballot. The process is repeated in reverse when I leave as they have to account for each ballot handed out. Acceptable forms of ID could be a driver's license, RMV issued ID for non-drivers, shool ID w/pic, passport, military ID, Federal employee ID, job id w/pic, etc. It's pure bunk that someone, somewhere will be "disenfranchised" due to lack of ID. These same folks need ID to: get a driver's license/RMV non-driver State ID, cash a check, open a checking account, apply for any kind of government assistance (including but not limited to Welfare, food stamps, Medicare/Medicaid), board a plane, get a library card, pick up certain prescription drugs, buy selected over-the-counter meds, get treatment at a clinic/hospital even if you can't pay, interact with the police for offenses, proof of age to buy alchol/tobacco/get into X-rated movie, or apply for any Social Security services. Many states wanting to pass voter ID laws have offered to have vans drive to a person's residence to get them a free State ID. And still, there's whining. If there's no fraud, why do the Dems scream so loud about having an ID requirement? Something is wrong with this picture....
LCT September 01, 2012 at 07:28 AM
LCT September 01, 2012 at 07:59 AM
Ouie, Don't stop with drugs, lottery tickets. Recently in MA it was reported millions spent using EBT cards to: gamble in Vegas, take vacations in Hawaii & Calif, cruises, out-of-town car rentals, plane tickets, spas, hair salons, manicures, tickets for Disneyland, pricey restaurants, etc etc etc. What did our governor do about it? Absolutely nothing. I thought the cards were for vital necessities such as food, heat, etc. Evidently not. Kind of a tough pill to swallow knowing my tax dollars are paying for lush vacations, new hair styles/nails and the like when I cannot afford these luxuries. I hope the 2 or 3 strangers I'm supporting enjoyed their vacations. Maybe we should ask the governor to make these cheats at least post their vacation pictures on Facebook so I can see how my money was spent. Being "poor" ain't what it used to be. Now many have: own house, A/C, nice new car, complete cable TV packages, high-speed internet access, iPADS, iPODS, cell phones, 60" HD TV, Blackberries, DVD players, more than one computer, etc. I (& the bank) own my house but I don't have any of those other "toys" listed. I never get my hair/nails done, live primarily in jeans, T-shirts & sneakers/flip-flops depending on season. I almost never go to a restaurant & rarely get take-out. I don't go clubbing or to the movies. I am doing something wrong. I'm truely glad someone or two someone's are enjoying my [tax] money.


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