Taxi Driver Engaged in Warren Event Confrontation Responds

Attorneys for Morgan Reitzas stated today that he was trying to protect his young daughter from being videoed

Lawyers for Morgan Reitzas, the that was caught on video and widely viewed and discussed on the Internet, held a press conference Wednesday evening. According to the Vineyard Gazette, attorneys Dan Larkosh and Linda Jackson appeared with Reiztasin Edgartown to address the issue.

“My client has been subject to some threats and also some harassment and we’re just here to present my client’s side of the story,” Larkosh said.

According to Larkosh, Reitzas’ four-year-old daughter was in the cab when he picked up Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren from her event at Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs. Larkosh stated that Reitzas “Simply held up his hand, which he was legally entitled to do, because he was worried that the cameraman was going to photograph or record his daughter.”

Larkosh also said, “The person with the camera swiped his hand out of the way, made unwanted contact first, and my client made a similar move to push the camera away, and inadvertently the camera fell to the ground.”

Both the Republican Party and Warren’s campaign denounced the incident. The Republican Party called Reitzas “a campaign aide for Elizabeth Warren,” and Warren’s camp responded that Reitzas was not a campaign staffer, but a cab driver. Larkosh reiterated that and said that Reitzas, “was just simply acting as a cab driver.”

“He’s very sorry for creating a distraction in both campaigns, he has lot of respect for Senator Brown, he has a lot of respect for Elizabeth Warren. This matter has been blown out of proportion, it is a distraction. My client is a hardworking man, he supports a family, he just wants to get back to work and put this matter to rest,” Larkosh said.

The Gazette reported that Reitzas did not comment, but he did state that he had overreacted. Reitzas also said that he did not think Warren was aware of the altercation and addressed a photo of him with Warren and her husband that was circulating on the Internet, stating that he’s been photographed with many of his celebrity passengers.

Martha Magee August 30, 2012 at 02:52 PM
As the political scene continues to heat up, Elizabeth Warren might have considered coming to the island with her own driver, trained in security. They handle stuff like this all the time. It's unfortunate that Mr Reitzas was placed in this position, especially with his four yr old daughter in the car. Things can escalate quickly. Had Ms Warren a driver trained trained to deal with inevitable paparazzi this unfortunate incident could have been avoided.
mitch Gordon August 30, 2012 at 04:01 PM
Much ado about nothing
Michael G August 31, 2012 at 03:47 AM
And the paparazzi could have gotten a zoom lens.


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