On Today’s Agenda May 1

Agendas for today's board of selectmen meetings in Chilmark and Aquinnah


Board of Selectmen Meeting

May 1, 2012

Selectmen Meeting Room

6:30 pm


I. Old Business

1. Review of minutes from 4-19 BOS Meeting

II. New Business

1. Selectmen’s appointment of S. Bollin as Fire Chief

2. Meeting with Aquinnah Cliff Lot Lease Holders

3. Waterways Regulations approval.

4. Liquor License regulations review.

III. Other Business

1. Town Administrator’s report

2. Public comment on the town warrants and proposed budget.



Board of Selectmen Meeting

May 1, 2012

Selectmen Meeting Room

7 pm


  1. Approval of Minutes April 17, 2012
  2. Public Hearings
    1. Petition of Mark Leith & Susan Bennett  Martha's Vineyard Excursions, LLC   STREET LICENSE
    2. Petition of Deborah Packer Common Victualer License dba Menemsha Market
  3. Items
    1. Request to Appoint Study Committee member to Island-wide Housing Needs Assessment:  Ann Wallace
    2. Housing Committee Alternate:  Ann Wallace
    3. Tea Lane Farm Finalist Interviews Joint Meeting with MVLB Town Advisory Board

Rusty Gordon & Sarah Crittenden

Allen Healy

Krishana Collins

  1. Public Requests
    1. Michelle Leonadri - ReFi - approval of new Permitted Mortgage Agreement
  2. Executive Secretary
    1. Preschool Bathroom - Legal Opinion regarding possible bid protest
    2. Appointment of Warren Doty to County Advisory Board for May 2012.
  3. Department Requests
  1. Treasurer - IAC, PEC, Health Insurance mitigation plan
  1. Correspondence
    1. Seaport Advisory Council grant letter   MIIA refunds
    2. Flanders septic  










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