Keating, Sutter Testy in UMass Dartmouth Debate

Rep. Bill Keating emphasized his experience in Congress while Bristol County DA Sam Sutter called him ineffective in the pair's final debate before the Sept. 6 primary.

Rep. William Keating hammered home his congressional experience while Bristol County District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter tried to paint him as an ineffective advocate for the region in an often testy debate Thursday at UMass Dartmouth.

Keating and Sutter met in their final debate before the Sept. 6 state primary, as they vy for the Democratic nomination in the newly drawn 9th Congressional District.

Keating and Sutter have met three times in debates across the district, in all three, the exchange was often testy, particuarly when it came to the region's fishing industry, according to SouthCoastToday

Sutter attacked Keating for not signing on in support of an appeal filed by New Bedford and Gloucester against a 2011 ruling that upheld fisheries management rules, which the cities claim were imposed without proper review.

"You didn't file an amicus brief (in support of the fishermen) and you should have," Sutter said. "You didn't when you were in Washington with me in March at the fisherman's rally call for a reform of Magnuson Stevens (fishery conservation and management act) which you should have."

"Just because you didn't hear it, (doesn't mean) it didn't happen," Keating countered, adding "I met with Mayor (Jon) Mitchell in Washington."

"You were the elected official from New Bedford," he said. "If (the amicus brief) is so important, why didn't you do it?"

The two continued to go back and forth until the moderator, UMD professor Michael Goodman, was forced to step in.

"I think you've both made your point on this topic," Goodman said.

The newly drawn 9th Congressional District includes all of Barnstable County, Dukes County, and Nantucket County; Acustnet, Dartmouth, Fairhave, Fall River, parts of New Bedford, and Westport in Bristol County; and Carver, Duxbury, Halifax, Hanover, Kingston, Marion, Marshfield, Mattapoisett, Middleborough, Norwell, Pembroke, Plymouth, Plympton, Rochester, Rockland, and Wareham in Plymouth County.

The winner of the Democratic primary will face the winner of the Republican primary between Adam Chaprales of Barnstable and Christopher Sheldon of Plymouth, as well as Independent candidate Daniel Botelho of New Bedford.

Theodore Bosen September 01, 2012 at 12:41 AM
Keating got red-faced and stormed out. Couldn't handle the heat. No wonder he has dodged most of the debates, including the one he had promised to do in Plymouth. He would rather rely on his super slick oversized mailbox stuffers bought and paid for by PAC money! H can control the information on that stuff, but Sam won't let him get away with all his BS in a debate. Way to go Sam! Anyone who sees or hears that Dartmouth debate will finally see why we would be well served by the fresh change Sam would bring. Go Sutter!
Vineyard Select Properties September 01, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Sam Sutter has enormous support here on the Vineyard. He would represent the island well.
John Evans September 02, 2012 at 03:25 PM
Theodore ... Ummm ... No he didn't. Were you there? I was and he did the opposite and stayed to catch up with the many Keating supporters in attendance. Sutter came across as very poorly informed about how Congress works. Keating will continue to serve his district well.


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