Chairman of the West Tisbury Republican Town Committee Applauds VP Choice of Paul Ryan

Jim Powell, chairman of the West Tisbury Republican Town Committee and volunteer fundraiser for the Romney campaign said Paul Ryan is an "inspired choice."

Jim Powell is known to many Islanders as the chairman of the Republican Town Committee and as a volunteer fundraiser for the Romney for President campaign.

Powell when Powell was living in Salt Lake City.

"I was a member of the Salt Lake Community Council and Romney was fundraising for a Senate bid against Ted Kennedy," said Powell. "I was involved in the Winter Olympics and it was magic what he pulled off there."

Romney and Powell reconnected when Romney was governor in Mass and Powell, a teacher at the time, was appointed to the State Workforce Investment Board's  Education Committee.

At the request of Patch.com, Powell wrote the following statement about Paul Ryan being chosen as Romeny's vice president:

Focusing our nation's priorities on the economy is what the Romney/Ryan ticket is all about.

There are about 23 million Americans that are directly affected by the sluggish economy.

Mitt Romney's expertise in the private sector couple with Paul Ryan's Congressional experience will put forth a bold plan to put our nation's economy back on the right track. We can't afford four more years of social change – we need economic change that will improve our lives – now! It's obvious that the governmental changes that have occurred over the past four years have not improved our economy as we need and deserve. It's time for a change for the better.

That will happen with Romney/Ryan. It was an inspired choice for our time which I wholeheartedly endorse. I know that every American agrees that we have got to fix the economy. Mitt Romney is the visionary with experience to fix financial disasters and Paul Ryan is the (Congress)man with the plan to carry it out.

Share your thoughts on Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as vice president in the comments section.

Erik Albert August 11, 2012 at 06:01 PM
The plan is to cut taxes for the rich and cut government spending on those who can least afford it. Then somehow the economy will grow


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