Ask the Candidates: Submit Your Questions to the Would-Be Trustees Here

Patch is conducting its own online debate leading up the March 20 elections for Trustees in both villages.


In Tarrytown you have three longtime residents and veteran Trustees running again for their seats. You may already know the history of Mary McGee, Thomas Basher, and Robert Hoyt and what they've done in their roles, but you wonder where they intend to go now. They've addressed Patch questions, but perhaps you have some of your own.

Then, there's the challengers: second-time campaigner Alison Boldyrev is joined by mother/daughter duo Eleanor and Christine Miscioscia under the Republican party line. They say they want change, less spending, more transparency. But how do they intend to achieve this? What else would you like to know about these women, their backgrounds, and their goals in office?


While the race so far in Tarrytown has been quiet on both sides, Sleepy Hollow has been lively from its rocky-caucus start. Now that talk of the infamous "one-minute caucus" has settled, candidates might not be as relentless as the GOP nominee hopefuls for President, but they aim to visit every neighborhood in the Village and have covered much ground so far.

After a busy first launch weekend of their official campaigns, things were a little less hectic this second weekend. This Saturday, Sleepy Hollow Independent Party (SHIP) candidates Dan Scott, David Bedell and Sean Roach were at Moon River Grill, at a $50/a head benefit to raise money for campaign costs. A small crowd of guests drank and ate from a hot buffet in the bar area, chatting with the candidates. "SHIP happens," joked Scott.

Down the road on Sunday, two out of three of the Democratic women (incumbent Karin Wompa was on vacation) invited the public to come out for a free pint and bar snacks at J.P. Doyle's. Again it was a small crowd, but supportive. Most of the folks there knew either Susan MacFarlane or Jennifer Lobato-Church but were there to met the other. MacFarlane was approached by riverfront neighbors about issues small to large like blowing garbage and the coming developments; she also suggested paper ballots as a way to conduct future nominating caucuses. 


If you haven't had the chance so far to chat in person with these candidates, we'd like to make it incredibly easy for you to have access. Please submit your questions WITH YOUR FULL NAME either here in the comments or in email to krista.madsen@patch.com by this Friday. Then we will post the candidates' responses here next Friday. 

We ask that the questions be civil, clean and respectful and will filter them accordingly. You can direct the questions to one candidate in particular or all of them (please specify). And again, questions that come anonymously will not be passed along to the candidates. So please do put your full name on them. All the candidates have insisted on this equally as a stipulation of their participation.

Krista Madsen February 24, 2012 at 04:21 PM
Still waiting for Tarrytown. Anyone???
Dana Fredericks February 25, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Krista, The questions I have for the Tarrytown incumbents 1. In the past elections they have maintained that building 2 firehouses are cheaper than building one .Now that the buildings are completed is this in fact true? 2. what are they doing to keep taxes low if every time you read a paper they are taking out a bond or putting Millions into a park or open space? 3. How did they vote on the new sewer fees . 4. Albany has put a 2 percent Tax cap on the Village Tax levy .Is it true the current Mayor and Board is discussing overiding the Tax cap? . 5. The Plan's on the Riverfront had a Boat Hotel, Aquatic center and many other benefits for the longtime residents .Why are they not being done? 6.After the last election is it true we were hit with a 6.7 percent tax increase 2 weeks after they current Boards Re-Election and why? 7. How much Debt does Tarrytown owe? The current United Party took over in 2005 What was the Debt then to now?
Krista Madsen February 25, 2012 at 06:29 PM
Thank you for the great questions Dana. And for representing TT. It's been quiet which I know does not reflect how people feel! I will forward all questions along to candidates now and post as soon as they are all ready. Thanks all!
Krista Madsen February 25, 2012 at 09:42 PM
Anything for the Tarrytown challengers?
Elizabeth Ferriss March 06, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Are there any plans or support for putting in and maintaining sidewalks in areas not immediately adjacent to the parks and downtown areas? I'm a Tarrytown resident and very supportive of putting in sidewalks that go all the way down Benedict Ave and throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. -Elizabeth Ferriss


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