Second Man Involved in Safe Heist Given Four Years Probation

Daniel Ben David given probation and ordered to pay full restitution

Last week, Stanley Johnson of Oak Bluffs was sentenced to five to seven years in state prison for his role in the safe heist of an elderly man that yielded more than $85,000. The Vineyard Gazette reported that on Monday, Daniel Ben David, of Oak Bluffs, who cooperated with authorities in the prosecution of Johnson, plead guilty to charges of unarmed robbery and larceny over $250 and was given four years of probation, and ordered along with Johnson to pay full restitution.

The victim was an elderly man whose son was known to Ben David. “The money was said to be the man’s life savings. Mr. Ben David ultimately returned over $30,000 to the police, who returned the money to the victim,” reported the Gazette. Hon. Corelius J. Moriarty 2nd, an associate justice of the Superior Court, was not happy about going forward with the recommendation, but agreed to most of the probation terms due to the fact that Ben David returned over $30,000 to the police and worked with authorities to implicate Johnson.


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