Oak Bluffs Man Found Guilty of Safe Heist

Stanley Johnson to serve time in state prison for role in theft of $85,000

Stanley Johnson, 52 of Oak Bluffs was found guilty and sentenced to five to seven years in a state prison for his role in the theft of a safe containing $85,000 reported the Martha’s Vineyard Times.

The safe was in an elderly man's house and Associate Justice C.J. Moriarty “noted that the stolen money was the life savings of the victim of the crime, a factor that weighed on his sentencing decision,” according to the Times. Johnson was arrested in April 2011 along with accomplice Daniel BenDavid, 48, of Oak Bluffs.

BenDavid and Johnson are being tried separately and Judge Moriarty set restitution of the entire $85,000, minus any money returned, as a condition of probation. “He said he intended to set the same conditions for Mr. BenDavid, if he accepts a plea agreement in his specific case,” reported the Times.


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