Court Blotter: July 5, 2012

A round-up of recent activity at the Duke's County Courthouse

July 5, 2012

Austin Foote , Edgartown, 11-06-1988

  • Breaking and entering for a misdemeanor. Judge Kirkman continued to a pre-trial hearing on 08-10-12

Corey A. Crump , Oak Bluffs, 09-27-1976

  • possession to distribute class A drug, possession to distribute class C drug, conspiracy to violate drug law. Judge Kirkman continued to a pre-trial hearing 07-12-12

Samual Corrigan , Edgartown, 11-14-1993

  • attempting to buy liquor under 21 years of age, false/misuse of liquor ID. Judge Kirkman, if $300 paid forthwith will be dismissed.

Joseph Lacaprucia , Oak Bluffs, 03-15-1988

  • disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault and battery on police officer. Judge Kirkman continued to a pre-trial hearing 07-19-12.

Lynn A. Kamien , Oak Bluffs, 12-03-1957

  • larceny over $250. If $300 paid forthwith will be dismissed.


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