Court Blotter: December 18 Round-Up

A round-up of events at the Dukes County District Court. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction unless otherwise stated.


The following is a selection of cases from the Dukes County District Court: 


Richard B. Sands

Oak Bluffs, date of birth, 12/5/1950

Offense date: 12/6/2012

Appeared in court on: 12/14/12

-OUI, Sufficient facts found, but continued without a finding until: 12/11/13; placed on probation.

-Negligent operation of a motor vehicle, dismissed upon request of the Commonwealth.

-Marked Lanes Violation; found not responsible.


Cindy Maciel

Edgartown, date of birth, 12/17/1955

Offense date: 8/22/2012

Appeared in court on: 12/7/12

-Larceny under $250, dismissed upon request of the Commonwealth.


Marjo Gjoka

Edgartown, date of birth, 5/18/1990

Offense date: 11/13/2012

Appeared in court on: 12/12/12

-OUI, Jury trial defendant found guilty.

-Fail to stop/yield, found not responsible.

-Negligent operation of a motor vehicle, jury trial defendant found guilty.

-Failure to wear a seat belt, found not responsible.


Grace Bochicchio

Edgartown, date of birth, 3/26/1959

Offense date: 4/22/2012

Appeared in court on: 12/12/12

-Violation of a harassment prevention, 2 counts, placed on pre-trial probation until 6/12/13.

Martha Magee December 19, 2012 at 04:23 PM
When I open up The MV PATCH and see "COURT BLOTTER" as the opening "story " it's an immediate turn off. I make a quick exit from Patch. i want to open it up to see something fun, uplifting, thought provoking and positive. Court Blotter indeed! Your Martha's Vineyard readers will thank you!


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