FROM LA - "No Small Children" Live in Concert at Alex's Place

School Teachers By Day, Rockers By Night!
School Teachers By Day, Rockers By Night!
Two Thirds of the extremely popular band NO SMALL CHILDREN Live in Concert at Alex's Place RARE EAST COAST PERFORMANCE. Saturday December 28th 7:30 pm Adults $10 Teens $5 To benefit Alex's Place creative arts programs.

 - No apologies, just steamrollin rock n roll with a pinch of punk and a dash of metal. - 

Elementary School Teachers Lisa Parade and Joanie Pimental (yes elementary school teachers and two thirds of the band) hit their '40's with a vengeance. Not willing to settle for the age thing, these ladies have developed a sound that is uniquely their own. Call it punk, call it metal, call it rock. Whatever you call it it is full throttle, funny with lyrics that those of us who are teachers (and those of us getting older) will appreciate. Teens will too!

Join us on December 28th for yet another unique concert experience at Alex's Place. Why stay home? Alex's Place houses a state of the art performance space with awesome sound and lighting - great home made snacks, coffee, tea, and more! Although primarily a space for teens, Alex's Place opens its doors to the community on a regular basis bringing talent from around the world to your doorstep.

 No Small Children perform at huge venues before hundreds of people, as well as all of the popular LA hostspots including THE VIPER ROOM, THE HOUSE OF BLUES, LA and many more.

Their music is produced by legendary multi - Grammy winner and rock producer BOB MARLETTE (Lynnrd Skynrd, Ozzy Osbourne, Sebastian Bach, Rob Zombie, Alilce Cooper, Anvil, Rick Springfield, Black Sabbath and many more.)This special show at Alex's Place will feature two thirds of NO SMALL CHILDREN - All the rock, all the fun, all for You!Please join us.

Click the links below to check out a couple of their tunes!

"Might Get Up Slow"  - " get up slow but I get up! "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFmNbfU75Gs

"Drunk Creepy Guy" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4fPsUoHLeI


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