A Cleaveland House Poets Reading at the West Tisbury Library

The Cleaveland House Poets has been meeting at West Tisbury's historic Cleaveland House for over 40 years

The gathering of Cleaveland House Poets at the West Tisbury Library last Thursday night began their evening with a Native American Flute song by William Waterway.

Eight poets from the group presented a series of poems that touched on every aspect of life: poignant sadness of a dying friend just before Thanksgiving; love; sensual colors of turning leaves and changing weather of our fall season, and Ellie Bates' brilliant sensual metaphorical use of a scallop's physical characteristics being translated into human lovemaking.

Just before reading, long time member Judith Neeld was asked: "If you and one other person were standing at the gate of heaven, and you were asked if you wanted to be number one or number two through the gate - which would you choose?" Judith replied, "Well, when it comes to reading poetry - I would want to be number one. I always feel I am in heaven when writing and reading poetry."

Besides Judith Neeld, the other reading poets were, Brooks Robards; Valerie Sonnenthal; Ellie Bates; Holly Wayman; Randall Pease; Susan Puciul; and Fan Ogilvie.

Cleaveland House Poets was founded by the legendary, Dionis Coffin Riggs, and has been meeting at West Tisbury's historic Cleaveland House for over 40 years. Last year the group published their first book, "Wednesday's Poets" which is available at local libraries and bookstores. Currently, the group has sixteen members, all of whom are published poets and authors.


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