A New Year at Alex's Place

A month of great activities and events await you at Alex's Place
A month of great activities and events await you at Alex's Place
Alex's Place begins its third year in its permanent location as part of the YMCA of MV. As usual, there are a wide variety of activities in store for teens and the community at large.

Alex's Place reopens after a brief holiday break poised to offer new opportunities such as our Cooking for Life classes, Alex's sYsters monthly offerings, board game nights, concerts, a new on-line magazine, monthly community open stage nights, films, trivia, and even bridge lessons.
As the greater community continues to embrace the unique mission of Alex's Place teens and adults will have the chance to savor all that is special about the Vineyard community.
Visit Alex's Place website for up to the minute additions to the great calendar of events.
Edward Cherry December 29, 2013 at 11:15 PM
Announcing, as I anticipate this upcoming year's Tucson International Rock and Gem Shows and Sales I have the honor to let your students parents and grand parents the same types of free and/or low cost concerts dinners some for minors & adults some 21 and older and some 18 and older the old Hippie or JESUS FREECK" CHURCH Calvary Chaple today locally is The Epicenter Church of Tucson, Ariz. is reopeaning property with same basic theme's former "Skrappy's"provided to the Cities and Regional Community in downtown Tucson one block West of the Amtrack Railroad Station on Toole @North 6th Ave..It reopeans as "Epicenter"instead of "Skrappys" another Private Buisines the Husband of the Husband/Wife CEO's died! So, after thhe first of Jan. 2014 Facebook to find out updates and 'Come One / Come All' . In Christ Eddie Cherry/ "Crazy Eddie The Coherent Lunatic"


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