Where’s the Vineyard’s Most Romantic Spot in the Off-Season?

With Valentine’s Day close at hand, we want to know your favorite spot to take your sweetheart … in the dead of winter

Come early June, there’s no shortage of romantic locations on the Island. No matter where you turn, there are rolling green hills, fields of wildflowers and grazing horses, sunsets and moon rises over the ocean.

In the middle of February, there aren’t quite as many obvious spots to bring out the romantic in us. However, that doesn’t mean that the Island in winter isn’t a place for romance.

For example, a sunny morning walk on , even if you are buried under layers of coats and hats, can inspire poetry.

And dinner at , with a dark wind outside and candlelight inside, is a rival for a summer Menemsha sunset (plus there’s more parking)

Maybe a night together at the , followed by breakfast at , is a romantic tradition you only indulge in during the coldest and darkest months.

Opera at the on a Sunday afternoon may be just the right way to end a perfect weekend together.

And finally, an evening at home in front of the fire can be as romantic as it gets.

Tell us in the comments: What is your favorite romantic spot on the Island in the off season?


Mathea Morais February 04, 2012 at 06:13 PM
So far we got votes for curling up by the fire at home and drinks by the fire at the Newes!
William Waterway February 08, 2012 at 04:30 PM
Weather permitting - a romantic stroll under the Gay Head Cliffs.


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