The Pitfalls of Zumba

Ginger comments on Ellen O'Brien's diet tips.

Thank you, Ellen, for your comments about Dr. Oz and my failed weight-loss schemes. To simplify matters, I've decided to invest in a airplane ticket to Puerto Vallarta in January. A winter sojourn to the Mexican Riviera always inspires me to keep my nose to the dieting grindstone.  Also, I've noted your advice about opening a Zumba studio to aid me in attaining my weight-loss goal but, well, the timing is just bad. Too put it bluntly, horrific.

Obviously you haven't read about Alexis Wright, the 29-year-old fitness instructor who was accused of moonlighting as a prostitute at the studio in Kennebunk ME where she taught Zumba. Now mind you, this is a stone’s throw from Kennebunkport, the summer retreat of the Bush political dynasty which includes a governor, two past presidents and their secret service entourages (uh oh). The studio, police claimed, had been frequented by up to 150 clients. This is noteworthy because there are only 10,000 residents in the town. Go figure: if half of the citizens are women and then deduct the child, gay, handicapped and elderly populations; geez, 150 sexually active straight-males is a significant number.  ‘Course, some of the clients could have come from nearby seaside hamlets. A random thought.

There are some titillating twists to the story:  (a) Wright apparently videotaped many of her encounters—unbeknownst to the customers (b) the police are in possession of the list of clients which includes some high-powered and respected individuals (c) police announced they would release a list of some of those who had used Wright’s services.

The citizens of Kennebunk are in a state of frenzy. This week, the police charged 21 men with “engaging in prostitution” and released their names—which included a prominent lawyer, a local real estate agent, a financial adviser and a former high school hockey coach. Police have said that further names will be released later this month. The men are charged with a Class E misdemeanor of engaging in prostitution, which comes with a fine of $200 for first offenders and six months in prison for repeat offenders. Those appearing on the first list are due in court on Dec. 5th.  Ms. Wright has denied 106 counts related to alleged prostitution.

So what do you think, Ellen; should I just keep walking the Shar-peis and forego the Zumba enterprise?

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Ellen OBrien October 20, 2012 at 08:07 PM
Ha ha. I had Ms Wright in mind when I made my funny Zumba comment. Actually lieing on the beach in Mexico sounds like a lot more fun than opening a Zumba studio Ginger. Especially now since we will always have second thoughts about Zumba. As for the men whose names will be made public up in Miane, You pays your money and you takes your chances.
Ginger Martin Duarte October 21, 2012 at 06:18 PM
Well, to quote my first husband, "It's great to see a mess and not be in it!" ... Anyway, you're right, Zumba is henceforth besmirched. Oh well, I'm not sure Zumba is down my alley anyway. Rumba would be more like it--or Mambo. Remember Perez Prado, the Mambo King? Well, that was before your time, Ellen, but I could really dance a wicked version of Mambo #5. However, that dates me. I like to stay au courant with the times but I'm a little wary of Hip Hop. My hips no longer hop but they can do a mean rock 'n roll. "Play that funky music white boy."


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