Weekend Gardener: Time to Reseed Your Lawn and Trim Butterfly Bush

Lime, seed and fertilize your lawn in October

Today's expert advise from Vineyard Gardens Nursery:

It is a great time to lime, seed and fertilize your lawn. You can seed a new lawn in early October or reseed an established lawn this month to make it thicker and healthier. If you need to, you can lime, fertilize and seed your lawn all in the same day. Otherwise, seed and fertilize the same day and then lime later in the fall.

Time to bring houseplants back indoors if you haven't already. If needed, spray them first with one of the following products: Safer Houseplant Spray, Eight Houseplant Spray or any other product your may prefer.  You can also dust the soil with insecticide granules to prevent bringing in ants, wireworms, sow bugs, and other nasty critters.

Cut off old flowers of Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) so the seeds will not become weeds. Overgrown deciduous plants can be cut back to several inches tall

Dont forget about sprucing up your planters one last time with mums, pansies, cabbage and kale.... :)

steve auerbach September 30, 2012 at 12:23 PM
Is it really necessary to fertilize our lawns, when the runoff contributes to Nitrogen pollution in our ponds?


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