Photo Gallery: Monster Shark Tournament

More than a dozen sharks were reeled in this weekend during the 25th Annual Monster Shark Tournament.

The annual Monster Shark Tournament, now in its 25th year, returned to Oak Bluffs this weekend, bringing with it huge crowds and more than a dozen large sharks. Though the tournament has in past years , who claim the tournament is gruesome spectacle, none were visible this year nearby where the sharks were being weighed and measured.

The winning Tuna Tangler Team of Montauk, NY reeled in two big catches: a 538-pound thresher shark and a 278-pound mako shark, and earned a Contender fishing boat valued at $50,000 for their efforts.

A list of the catches appears below.


Boat Species Weight (lbs) Knot Right Thresher 365 Tuna Tangler Thresher 538 Program Porbeagle 495 Akula Thresher 251 On Time Thresher 248 Fish Tails Thresher 448 Bushwhacker Thresher 630 Keepin' It Cool Thresher 457 Law & Order Thresher 429 Fish On Mako 182 Tunga Tangler Mako 278 Go Figueire Mako 152 Sea Saw Thresher 184



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