More Evidence: Obama Coming to the Vineyard

Secret Service appear to have set up camp in Oak Bluffs.

First came confirmation that the White House press corps had at the Mansion House, in Vineyard Haven, in preparation of the President Barack Obama's arrival on Martha's Vineyard. Now, it seems the Secret Service has a jump-start on the president's vacation.

A Winnebago and a black SUV have set up camp in a parking lot adjacent to the East Chop Beach Club, in Oak Bluffs. This is the same area where government personnel, believed to be members of an advace Secret Service team, have stationed themselves in previous years before and during Obama's presidential vacations.

Both the SUV and Winnebago bear Virginia license plates. Satellite and radar equipment appears to be mounted to the roof of the Winnebago. Multiple black walkie-talkies could be clearly seen through the front side window.

owner Donald McKillop reports that the parking lot area in which the vehicles are now stationed was first cordoned off on August 5. A photo McKillop took last year during the president's vacation shows similar-looking vehicles parked in the same area.

The White House has yet to confirm Obama's vacation to the Vineyard, unlike last year, when confirmation of his late-August trip came in mid-July. That hasn't stopped locals, both those in the know and those desirous of being in the know, from talking.

“I don’t know his [Obama’s] exact dates, but it’s usually around the time of the fair through the end of the summer,” owner Susan Goldstein previously told Patch.

The Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair—a hallmark summer event—this year takes place August 18 through 21. Those dates jibe with long-circulating rumors that the president will arrive on the Island on or around August 17.

Scott Smith August 09, 2011 at 03:19 PM
This is Eric Holdler, the Attorney General's Security detail, not related to Obama. He stays in Eastchop


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