Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Tomorrow’s forecast calls for 20 mph winds and temps in the mid-50s: perfect for kite flying fun at Featherstone's 5th Annual Kites & Sundaes on Sunday

This Sunday is the celebration at . The day, which is the brainchild of Miss Lani Carney, founder and teacher of Featherstone’s young children’s Pre-School Arts Program, is a celebration of family, fun and gratitude.

“I was in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico a few years ago with my daughter and my grandson.  It was a Saturday and we were walking down these beautiful cobblestone streets and up on a hill we saw this whole group of families flying kites. It was so simple, and such a real gathering of love, that I wanted to bring it back to the Island,” said Carney.

The afternoon on the Children's Green is filled with children dashing about and flying kites. As if that isn’t enough fun, there’s also the Sundae element of the Sundae on Sunday celebration. There will be ice cream and numerous toppings like cherries, sprinkles, chocolate sauce and more for kids to cover their ice cream with. Last year s’mores were added to the list of treats families could enjoy as they warmed themselves at the fire pit. According to Carney, at first the idea of ice cream in November seemed dubious. “’Ice cream in November Miss Lani?’ is what they said. But I told them yes, we have to have it all.”

For Carney, recreating the moment in Old San Juan is as much about gratitude as it is about fun. “I felt like I could taste the wind, and I always remember the feeling of the movement of the kites. As guests in that country, I felt honored to be included in that moment. All through the town was this spirit of inclusivity. I am grateful for that always,” said Carney. “That is why we have the celebration on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It is a way of saying thank you to all the families who are a part of this community and of Featherstone.”

Bring your family, bring your kites and join in the fun tomorrow from 12:30 pm – 3 pm.


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