Give and Take: Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Got a great costume? Need some good ideas? Check out what others have come up with this season for the little ghouls in their lives

Unless you’re Charlie Brown, it’s pretty easy to take a sheet, cut a few holes in it and call it a ghost, but you mind find yourself with a pretty unhappy trick-or-treater if that’s as far as your creativity will take you this year.

While there is always the option of going to the store and buying a premade costume, often these can be poorly made, expensive and unimaginative. That’s why we are hoping that you genius parents out there are willing to give and take a few Halloween tips and tell us not only the most exciting Halloween costume you ever made, but how you did it!

We explored the Internet and found a ton of adorable, easy and sometimes even earth-friendly options:

Martha Stewart’s Spring Chicken Costume is extremely cute and cuddly and will fit in well around these parts. It’s super simple – just some loose wool batting, a couple feather boas and a little red felt (Appropriate for children ages 3 and older)

Likewise, Reader's Digest Do-It-Yourself Skunk costume for babies is beyond adorable and can be put together with a feather boa, some fake fur and a black t-shirt and leggings.

TheDailyGreen.com has a great listing of recycled Halloween costumes including a great crocodile made out of a cardboard box, some butcher and tissue paper and a little tape.  

Please share your ideas and creative successes (or even failures, we've all been there) in the comments.


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