A Sunday Afternoon Poem

"Love's why we're here" by, Rick O'Gorman

Life can be so kind 
Life can be so cruel
If you look you'll find 
We all play the fool
We all play the game
We all feel the pain
We all watch and wonder
No one can explain Why are we here?
Why all this hate and fear?
Surely this isn't the wayNow's our chance
Join in the Dance
Hear what your heart has to say...Says we gotta love one another
And the Earth is our Mother
We can help with the healing
And it's all in our feeling
Feeling LOVE 

Rick O'Gorman, Rick is a 3rd generation in a line of performing singers. He first came to Martha's Vineyard in the late 1950's while seeking shelter from a storm on a boat with his father. Since then he has played original music and "original covers" on just about every stage and venue on the island. He has also regularly entertained local seniors for more than 20 years. Rick believes that music can help soothe the savage beast which is "human civilization" on planet earth.

About this column: This Sunday Afternoon Poem is provided by the Martha's Vineyard Poetry Society (MVPS). With almost 200 members, MVPS is the island's largest poetry society. MVPS is responsible for nominating and selecting our island's Martha's Vineyard Poet Laureate.

Cynthia Bloomquist February 04, 2013 at 12:15 PM
Ever notice how Love Is live Without the I And with the O Of wonder?
Martha Magee February 04, 2013 at 03:25 PM
Thass whut I'm talkin about!


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