Vegan on the Vineyard: Where to Eat?

Hungry for food that doesn't come from animals of the land, sea or air? Check out these vegan dining tips from Martha's Vineyard Patch readers, and add your own in the comments section.

Holly Nadler's recent column "Starving Vegetarians on Martha's Vineyard" struck a resonant chord with Martha's Vineyard Patch readers, who chimed in with responses and suggestions.

"You hate us. And who are we? We are the plant-based dieters, some of us vegetarians, some of us vegan, most of us somewhere on the spectrum between the two," Nadler wrote.

"(M)ost of the time when vegetarians go out to eat on the Island, we get shafted," she added.

Local chef and writer/blogger Marnely Rodriguez-Murray was quick to respond with a view from the kitchen:

"Chefs don't hate vegans/vegetarians, at least I don't. What I do hate are vegans that call in ahead (good) and say they are coming in and want a vegan menu. They come in to this awesome menu we've put together, enjoy it from top to bottom and then orders fruit sorbet with a side of FUDGE. Yeah, fudge is butter and cream, and lots of it. It's definitely not vegan.

So that might be one point when I do hate vegans. When they make me go out of their way to make awesome vegan food and then end up eating a bucket of fudge.

Also, I think vegans should just come in with authority into a restaurant. You know we have tons of vegetables, pastas, whole grains, fruits, etc....so just tell the chef exactly what you want! I do think restaurants show cater to what the customer wants, since they are why we are in business - but within moderate limits."

An apparently ex-vegan reader named Bennett commented, "I agree with Marnely, when I was vegan I found that the chefs on the island were always super accommodating and cooked up some seriously delicious veggie dishes." 

Reader Kristen Conklin generously offered a whole list of restaurant suggestions: 

  • "Little House in VH has some great veggie options
  • (Red Cat Kitchen at) Ken 'n Beck of course,
  • Mocha Motts makes a fantastic hummus and veggie bagel,
  • 7a Foods has a nice Greek veggie wrap with tzatziki sauce
  • Tropical has a plethora of salads and rice and bean options
  • Scottish Bakehouse has not only veggie options but gluten free as well!"

Other reader tips included:

  • "Slice of Life has a veggie dagwood and a portobello mushroom that you can get without the cheese." 
  • "I sent someone who was vegetarian to Ken N'Beck the other night ... She said it was THE BEST vegetarian meal she had ever had in her life. There ya go!"
  • "Not your Sugar Mama's and Blissed Out (Vineyard Haven) are great options for snack time!" 
  • "Lucky Hank's Farm option: really tasty, although the portion size has gone down since the winter. but they have Gluten free bread!!!!"
  • "The Scottish Bakehouse does a superb job and is my go to place when I want healthy belly warming vegetarian food. But it's more of a take out place."

Now it's your turn: Where on Martha's Vineyard do you go for good food free of meat, fish and dairy? Tell us in the comments.

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Michael West June 12, 2013 at 09:54 AM
Ok, reporting back from my excursion to State Road. Incredible cauliflower fritters! I also decided on a plate of grilled veggies, tho there were several other appealing options. My dining partner had the vegetable risotto, which was also delicious. This is a wonderful place to eat, if you don't mind spending a few dollars. It aint cheap.
ksw430 June 12, 2013 at 12:16 PM
Not at all vegan and love 7a - best meatbell heros - but tzatziki sauce is yogurt based...not vegan at all.
Joanne Raia June 12, 2013 at 02:20 PM
Would be great to find a raw vegan restaurant!!!! Add to the list Blissed Out, which is great for juices, smoothies and snacks -- all raw vegan!!! Delicous!!!
Louisa Hufstader June 12, 2013 at 05:07 PM
If you like raw food, don't miss the cold-pressed juices at the new Behind the Bookstore coffee bar at Edgartown Books on Main Street.
Deanna deVries October 30, 2013 at 08:57 AM
Thank you for your post. I recently moved to Martha's Vineyard from Los Angeles and have had a hard time finding places that cater to vegan customers. The Scottish Bakehouse is awesome, and I just had dinner at State Road the other night where I was able to have 4 courses. The evening was delightful-my friend and I shared the Cauliflower Fritters, I then had a roasted red pepper soup made from local produce, a warm mushroom salad, homemade sesame sourdough bread and coconut semifreddo for dessert. The dessert was fabulous, made from coconut and soaked cashews, partially frozen on a gluten free oat crust. It was served with a pineapple coconut sorbet and red plum compote. Hopefully the island will continue to expand on these offerings….


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