Juliska: New to the Neighborhood

New high-end tableware store on Main Street takes over Bramhall & Dunn space

After , a high-end women's clothing store, r after being a Main Street mainstay for over 30 years, many wondered what store would fill its shoes.

This spring, Juliska took its place on Main Street. Employee Dorothy Gould explained that it isn't just a regular store, "It's more like an 'everything you need to make an amazing meal' type store," she said. "We have tons of accent pieces, candles and jewelery."

For some people, the new store still comes as a shock. "People are very disappointed that Bramhall & Dunn is gone," Gould explains. "We get that quite a bit."

But Retail Sales and Events Coordinator, Andie Lyons, explained that there exciting events for people to look forward to.

"We're having a lot of really great events. Many  that are community oriented," said Lyons "We're going to have a benefit for the Farm Institute. People will receive 10% off their purchase and we'll donate to the Farm Institute. It gets people familiar with us."

Lyons also added that Juliska will also be hosting a Nyla Star Trunk Show next weekend Friday through Sunday. "She's an amazing jewelry artist. It's going to be a lot of fun."

Along with their events, Juliska employees are excited about their outlet store. The outlet is on the second floor and has a wide range of products for half the retail price. "We get new product in all the time. People seem to love the prices up there."


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