PHOTO GALLERY: Holiday Gift Guide, Edgartown

SHOP LOCAL for the holidays in Edgartown.

It's Dec. 1 and that long list of 'must-buy gifts' is not going anywhere, and time is running out. Save yourself a boat reservation and a day off island and let our local shops be the solution.  

When jumping into creating the 'Holiday Gift Guide' we realized each town had such a plethora of options we decided to break up the guides by town.  

With that, Edgartown is getting primed for Christmas in Edgartown next weekend and most shops on and off Main Street are prepping their merchandise, getting new goods in and generally bringing the energy back.

Here are a few of our top picks...

For Him: Sun Dog is always a reliable choice and their current fall/winter collections are quite orginial. With virgin wool peacoats, waxed cotton jackets, high quality dress shirts, and warm corduroys, you could do all shopping for uncles, grandparnents, boyfriends, husbands, and teenage sons in one place.  

Sundog is known for having novelty and special edition items that can't be found many other places on (or off) island, spend some time in the store, around every corner is a surpise.

For Her: Jewelry stores like Vintage Jewelry and Claudia offer all those shiny things the ladies love. After all, there's no such thing as too much jewelry. For the lady who has it all, how about a stunning party dress from Island Outfitters or a watercolor painting from The Christina Gallery? 

For Your Off Island Friends & Family: A Black Dog hoody is a reliable choice and one that will be sure to please the young and the old. If the Black Dog isn't your speed head up Main Street and around the corner to Nevin Square and give Vineyard Vines a visit. They have everything from fleeces with the classic whale logo to silk dresses for women and mini oxfords for the little guys. 

For Your 'Cool' friends... the kids, brothers, and sisters, who are wearing/wanting the current trends: Backwater Trading Company has a fresh mix of goods including but not limited to ultra functional pieces, recycled sail bags, Hudson Bay blankets, and pretty much anything in between. Something like an 'outdoorsy-Anthropologie' Backwater is hip, mixing fashion and function with ease. Also Jack Wills has two floors of anything and everything you might need to stuff a stocking or dress for the holidays, from wool blazers to party dresses and ultra-soft pajamas.

For the fashion-forward ladies and their babies: Jump into 20 Main or Nell, their colorful cashmeres pieces, monogramed bags, Hunter Boots, and kids sweater's are fool-proof gifts for that lady in your life. Check out their new private label line, Cortland & Park.

Non-Material/Experience Ideas: How about a gift that keeps on giving like a gift certificate to the new pilates studio, Evolve, across from Stop & Shop? Or a night stay at the Vineyard Square Hotel, The Kelley House or the Harbor View Hotel? A Day at the Sea Spa or dinner for two at Alchemy, Atria, or Chesca's?

Do you have a great gift idea that we forgot? Feel free to upload it!  We'd love to see your 'Shop Local' finds!


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