Pop-Up Shop at Nye Gallery in Oak Bluffs

Kim Nye's "letting go sale" means she's is emptying her designer closets and selling her gallery

When you think yard sale, you don’t necessarily thing Cartier watches. As a matter of fact, when you think Vineyard in January you probably don’t think Cartier watches either. However, that’s probably because you’re not Kim Nye.

Nye, who was once a model for Ralph Lauren and other high fashion labels, was presented with a few problems this winter. “I needed money and I had a whole lot of stuff,” the statuesque self-proclaimed 50-year-old said. “I call this my Letting Go Sale.”

Nye, who owns the Nye Gallery on Uncas Avenue in Oak Bluffs said, “I’d heard about pop-up stores and I thought the term pop-up seemed perfect for what I wanted to do.” So she lugged in all the things she could part with and…well, popped up.

What Nye has chosen to let go of brings new meaning to the whole one (wo)man’s trash is another one’s treasure. It also makes you wonder what she's got that she’s chosen to hold on to.

For sale are such items as brand new ski boots and rare first edition books. There are floor length cashmere coats and Christian Dior motorcycle boots. There are cut crystal glasses, little girl’s dresses, handbags, Italian leather sofas and a mini-dishwasher that still has all its tags. Not to mention a Kona mountain bike that has never been ridden, a framed poster of James Taylor that came with the original Sweet Baby James album and a giant vertebra of a right whale.

Nothing in the store is priced. This means you get to haggle with Nye, who knows the story behind each and every item, including where she bought it, what she paid for it and what it’s actually worth. You will, no doubt, walk away with a real bargain.

Also selling in the space is Gwyn McAllister who, until now, sold some of her vintage clothes at Pyewackets in Vineyard Haven. She’s got fantastic items like quilted vintage 50s circle skirts and polyester pantsuits that the Boogies would die for. She's also selling an original Allen Whiting.

Finally, what’s really for sale is the space itself. The 2500 square feet of street level space is termed B-1 Commercial. According to Nye, this means it can be anything. “It can be a gallery, a restaurant. It could even be a condo, if someone wants.”

Nye is looking to rent ($5K a month) or sell ($900K) the space as soon as possible. “Being a landlord is not glamorous,” she said, stressing that the space is available immediately. “If someone comes down here and wants to rent this space tomorrow, I’ll be marking this stuff down to move really fast.”

Those interested in speaking with Nye about the space or the items for sale can email her at KimRNye@gmail.com.


The Pop Up Shop is located at the Nye Gallery, Uncas Ave, behind the MV Savings Bank on upper Circuit Ave, Oak Bluffs. Open everyday from 10 am to 6 pm. 


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