Massachusetts Renewable Energy Goals Fall Short

Massachusetts Renewable Energy Goals are costly.


 Massachusetts Renewable Energy Goals Fall Short

 Massachusetts wants commercial wind energy to play a role in its clean energy future. Governor Patrick has committed Massachusetts to a goal of installing 2,000 Megawatts of wind energy before 2020. 

Two reasons look to stop the renewable energy goal of land based commercial wind turbines. The residential property owners who live around them and the excessive operation and maintenance costs of the turbines. These two reasons alone must be deducted from the 2020 renewable energy goal. 

First, each time a new megawatt commercial wind turbine gets installed another local citizens' group in that town quickly forms to curtail the operation of the turbines because of noise,shadow flicker,ice throw and real estate property devaluations.Groups of pro-wind residents living near wind turbines within weeks become anti- wind as soon as the 400 foot turbines start to spin. The operators of the turbines quickley find themselves in front of local boards and court.

 Second, performance of wind turbines in New England showing that the economic life expenses of onshore wind turbines is very short in some cases between 3 and 5 years, not the 20  years projected by the wind industry and government projections.  

 The average load factor of wind turbines declines substantially as they get older, probably due to gear box failure. By as early as 5 years of age the contribution of an average New England wind turbine to meeting electricity demand has declined . 

 Many of the gear box driven megawatt turbines installed after 2008 will need expensive gear box replacements every 3 to 5 years. This raises the question of is it rarely economic to operate a wind turbine for more than 6 to 10 years?  After 10 years they must be replaced with a new turbine or keep replacing major components .

 Many investors, private owners and cities and towns expecting a return on their investment over 20 years will fall short of expectations. The gear box failures and the costs of a special crane to lift the gear boxes in and out contribute to the massive repair costs.

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Bill Carson January 03, 2013 at 03:52 AM
Vestas Wind Systems needs to step up to the plate and take responsibilty ! In January of 2010 Vestas installed and sited two Vestas V 82 commercial wind turbines in Falmouth ,Massachusetts USA. The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative a semi quasi state agency sold the turbines into the Falmouth area. Today over one hundred residential homes are affected by infra sound. Negotiations have been going on over health issues from the turbines for eight months. The wind industry ,state and local officials ,semi-quasi state agencies encouraged by the Governor Patrick Administration’s goal to expand wind power continue to risk the health of citizens. Town Meeting Members and local politicians have to publicly recognize the physical illnesses and emotional suffering caused by operating wind turbines! Senate President Therese Murray (D-Plymouth) is worried about the health of the citizens living around the turbines.Why not Town Meeting Members ? The town is deliberately inflicting acute pain by one person on another for financial gain.
Blowin Smoke January 03, 2013 at 12:04 PM
Carson - the Vestas letter you mention refers primarily to 3 MW turbines (twice the size of Falmouth's). How is that relevant?
Kathy Driscoll January 10, 2013 at 03:44 PM
Mr. Carson: Mr. Potamis was not appointed by the BoS but hired by the DPW director. He is an employee of the Town and reports directly to the DPW Director. He is also a resident, taxpayer and town meeting member of the Town of Falmouth. As for taking an oath as the Superintendent of the WWT Department, I am not sure. To what? The town bylaws, the municipal code, the Constitution of Mass? I don't believe that our town employees have to take an oath but I will let a town employee clarify that point. (I have worked for public agencies and have never taken an oath. The only oath I had to take was to the Constitution when I was in the military). As for Mr. Potamis's statement, I do not agree that he should have made the comments while representing his position. He is free to make comments as a private citizen but that was not the manner in which it was printed. Mr. Potamis receives emails (as well as phone calls) from the neighbors about the turbine operation. It is my understanding that this is a means of communication allowed by both parties. It provides for documentation on the record of issues and responses. RE: Mr. Suso - He did apologize to the neighbors for the extra time Wind II operated into the evening on Dec 24th. He did explain that it was a software issue and the turbine was manually stopped when the town was notified. There was no attempt to be disingenuous with the neighbors.
Bill Carson January 10, 2013 at 05:34 PM
It's relevant because when the Falmouth Wind 1 turbine was built at the factory in 2004 they weren't placing commercial megawatt turbines hundreds of feet from homes. Massachusetts issued Model Wind Turbine Regulations . The regulations were based on placing 3000 commercial wind turbines along the coast line of Massachusetts . In other words the homes ,the original stake holders, already owned the property along the coast in the high wind areas . The only way to site commercial megawatt turbines was way too close to residential homes .The state program went far to slow and residetial home owners have caught onto the bunco scheme of illegally taking their property . The Model Wind Turbine Laws are really a Police Action Class Action Litigation is the future for 2013 - Let the legal action begin ! Let's let a jury decide about noise ,shadow flicker ,ice throw, fire dangers and blade throw in residential neighborhoods !!!!
Aaron Carter May 21, 2014 at 01:43 PM
They should try adding solar panels to the roofing. That's always a good energy source. I think the whole community has to be committed for a green movement to go through though. Aaron Carter | http://cascobayroofing.com/maine-roofing-services/


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