To Inhabit Together: A Sunday Poem by Marianne Goldberg

This week's Sunday poem comes from the founder of Pathways Projects Institutes in Chilmark, where she directs collaborative arts community events.

To Inhabit Together

To land in another land where  
we inhabit together this prow of delicately laced island  
that coheres rather than becoming archipelago. 
by a magnetism part gravity, part tide, part moon   
part pinkltink, part iridescence. 
An electrifying huge curve of cresting wave  
sequentially unrolling  
until suspending itself at highest height  
inevitably rushing across fractals of glorious places 
where water becomes sand  
rock becomes smooth vastness underfoot. 
as shared ocean  

 From uncommon history of glacial moraines  
of mammals and sea crustaceans 
of fantastical heritage almost not matter  
composed of ethereal stuff  like water or dreams  

We simultaneously see through 
multi - millennia of layered histories 
of wafts of currents part and whole  
pristine and nourishingwe hear chords in words and melodies 
as geometric gestures, as constellations 
as installations of abodes we stand to reinventWe recall we are fossilto evolve beyond predictability of DNA 
To fulfill a heritage of longing to ridethe most long~cresting wave ever, together 

Let these acts of color and light 
growing right here 
shine translucent in flight            in full actual conversations  
            that have no name as yet

  Dr. Marianne Goldberg is a writer, choreographer, and visual artist. She is founder of Pathways Projects Institutes in Chilmark, where she directs collaborative arts community events.  She received her doctorate in Performance Studies from NYU, MFA in Choreography from Smith College, and BA in Aesthetic Education from UC Santa Cruz. Her scholarly writings and Performance Pieces for Print have been published in The Drama Review; Artforum International; Women & Performance and numerous journals and books. Her choreography has been performed across the US and internationally. 

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David R White March 04, 2013 at 04:51 PM
Beautiful poem , Marianne, perfect for the turn towards spring . . . David


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