Creative License: Angelina Godbout, Photographer On-the-Rise

A hobby blossomed into something more; the story behind the photos.

A familiar face around the Island, Angelina Godbout has been honing her photography skills for a few years, yet the passion has been with her forever. Some say her eye is like no one else's.  The MV Times, Slip 77 and a number of other businesses and people are noticing. 

Anica Banica Photography is becoming recognized.  She's personally responsible for a number of those stunning holiday cards we've received in the mail as well as striking images on some of our favorite retailer's website. 

Enough from us, and more from her.  Here's her story:

Martha's Vineyard Patch: Where did you grow up and how long have you been here?

Anica Banica: I grew up in the capital of my beautiful home country Sofia, Bulgaria. I came to the States 11 years ago. Martha's Vineyard became my new home instantly. One summer turned into a year and now I'm a full time transplant. It was an easy decision to stay, I fell in love with the Island and it's people almost instantly. I've travelled the country but the Island always brings me back. After all of this years I feel I found my home.

Marth's Vineyard Patch: What drove your interest and enthusiasm for photography?

Anica Banica: Over the last few years, photography has become my passion. There is something about photography that relaxes and excites me. There is a certain thrill that I get when taking pictures that cannot be expressed with words. I love capturing people in their natural settings, in that true moment of emotion. My desire is to bring joy to my viewers through my images.

Martha's Vineyard Patch: What do you do currently? Where do you work?

Anica Banica: I am currently working for MV Times as a freelancer. I am also looking to start a full business for wedding and portrait photography located on Martha's Vineyard.

Martha's Vineyard Patch: What are your goals for your photography business?

Anica Banica: At the moment I have multiple jobs. I would like to turn my photography business into my only job. The goal is to start growing and never stop. 

Martha's Vineyard Patch: What is the inspiration behind your (super successful) lines and collections and overall company?

Anica Banica: Everything around me. I am mesmerized by our beautiful island. I can't get enough of it. People and their unique expressions also inspire me. I'm inspired constantly and what a blessing to live on an island our daily landscapes are some of the most beautiful in the entire world.

Guest Editor's note: Stay tuned, Angelina will soon be launching a website for her photography business but in the meantime visit her Facebook page for a sneak peek at some of her current images and projects. Need a family portrait or a have a wedding coming up? Angelina is the girl for you. 


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