A Sunday Afternoon Poem

"A Moral Dilemma," by Andrea Quigley

A Moral Dilemma

I killed 6 last night
3 the night before
Buddha says: Harm no living thing
Christ says: Do unto others…
Is an insect an other?
I think about it
I evaluate
Which is most dangerous?
That spider looks like a lethal one
But spiders eat mosquitoes are dangerous
OK only the spiders with the creepy double antennae get whacked
The buzzing, biting ones have to go
Gnats, flies, mosquitoes
Die at the smack of the New Yorker
I feel guilt
I try to do the right thing
When I wake up with a bite on my butt
I feel no remorse
Lights glaring at midnight
Armed with my weapon
Anything creepy and crawly

~ Andrea Quigley

Susan Meyer August 27, 2012 at 04:21 PM
So true- so true !! Your wonderful poem speaks for all of us and our "Moral Dilemma"!!!


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