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A Sunday Afternoon Poem

"Giving Soul to the Body" By Katrina Nevin

Giving Soul to the Body

"think with your wings!" the wind cries
folding and folding itself around me
"jump with your heart, give soul to the body!" the sky calls
so i jubilate and rock this feather light branch that is my self
roll and lift these heavy earth-clothed bones and raise something greater into the ether
i fly because i have to
i fly because the sky is blue and curves in such an endless, weightless belly above me
i want to curve just so with the wind around my hips and my hair flowing with sand
i want to stand atop this dune amid the rushing of the world and feel something
just a little like death
feel something just a little like life come knocking on my skin
come stinging in my eyes and start to slowly unfold the wings that are hidden inside me

~ Katrina Nevin

Katrina Nevin is a poet-gardener; singer; dancer; environmentalist, and an aspiring ukulele-songwriter with a penchant for acting and performance of many kinds. She grew up on the Vineyard, went to college, traveled extensively, and returned to work and live here through all seasons of the year. Her poetry appears in various media, and has a collection of eight poems that were published in the Cleaveland House Poets 2009 anthology entitled, “Wednesday's Poets.”


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