A Sunday Afternoon Poem

"Where The Beach Starts To Bend," by Sebastian Pattavina

Where The Beach Starts To Bend

I met an old friend where the beach starts to bend
As I walked with my dog today.
She noticed my face then shortened her pace,
She seemed to have something to say.
"Where have you been? What have you seen?
Has time been good to you?"

"I've been on a farm where no one can harm
All that I find to be true."

She pulled back her hair and asked, "Do I dare
Visit this place you call home?
For large is my load and long is the road
Down which I've started to roam."

"Your answer is yes but I must confess that it has no address
And to some the path is obscure.
Let patience and fate calmly create
A mind that is peaceful and pure.

And when it's hard to stay strong as you stumble along
With no one to show you the way,
Let a flower grown wild or the laugh of a child
Be all that you ask from a day.

And when you're in doubt with no easy way out
And your queen has descended to drone.
It is just as amazing to watch the cows grazing
If you happen to do it alone.

~ Sebastian Pattavina

Sebastian Pattavina is an island poet, musician, spa owner, massage therapist, yoga teacher, personal trainer and general muse. Influenced by wordsmiths such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Lewis Carroll, Shel Silverstein and Eminem, Sebastian resides in Edgartown where he owns and operates The Mod Spa, a quaint spiritual massage and yoga studio at the Triangle.


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