A Sunday Afternoon Poem

"Images of Full Moon and Dawn" by Judith Neeld, Cleaveland House Poet

Here is a recent Tryiptych poem by Judith Neeld, an island poet who has been a part of the for over 30 years. Neeld has taught poetry at Nathan Mayhew Seminars, has published a few books of her poems, and was once the publisher of "Stone Country Poetry Magazine.”

The accompanying trio-of-trees photographs are courtesy of William Waterway.


Images of Full Moon and Dawn

Almost the day-star in its windless desert
a perfect disc slips into the west
erasing the planets.
Light bleak, unbending across my walls.
In the shadows night is blind
a road is unseen until
one beam signals the way.


Hollows in the land, wet
with new rain to drown old life.
On the hills trees straighten
branches strip for winter
naked limbs seductive.


Sometime there'll be dawn, gray, unsure
but a wren's one call
then more. I feel
repetitions growing in my throat.
Countless notes, countless
shadows melting.

- Judith Neeld


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