PHOTO GALLERY: Offshore Ale's 2-for-1 Warms Up MV

Vineyarders gather over brews during a quiet Monday snowstorm.

As the snow began to fall, and the streets were blanketed in white dust the Vineyard fell silent. Silent with the anticipation of inches and inches of snow and silent with the darkness that came with it. Events were cancelled, trips were postponed and homes began to glow with the low light of a calm evening.  

Not at the corner of Kennebec and Park Ave. 

Offshore Ale was why the Vineyard was silent, it wasn't the snow, or the dark and cold Monday night. The Vineyard was silent because everyone was at Offshore indulging in 2 for 1 entrees, addictive brews and warm conversation with friends. 

Monday nights at Offshore are just one of the elements that make Vineyard winters charming, welcoming and rare. 

If you didn't make it to Offshore this evening for the chatter, fire, pizza, and oat sodas, head over on Friday for one of the last few afternoons of $1 oysters and 25 cent wings, 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. 

And of course, next Monday we'll see you there. Come early, it gets busy busy, and for good reason. 


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