Idle Hands No More: Clay Classes at Featherstone

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There is a certain satisfaction that comes from making something with your hands. Whether it's the result of productivity or accomplishment, the act of creation can instill pride and happiness. Thankfully, its nearly time to start up those gardens and get our hands dirty, one of my favorite warm-weather pursuits.  

Of course, it's not reliably warm yet.

Instead of hemming and hawing about venturing into windy weather, why not busy yourself with a different type of earth: clay? in Oak Bluffs is offering a great class for beginners that will help you do just that.

The class is called "Basic Hand Building and Wheel Throwing to Make Household Items," and aims to teach beginners how to make great everyday items for your kitchen or home, like dishes, pitchers and mugs. Basic Hand Building is taught on Wednesday evenings by Frank Creney. For $30 registration (plus $25 for a big old bag of clay), you can join him and many others in their pottery studio to try your hand at the wheel.  

If you can't make it to the April 13 class, don't worry: Creney teaches this course weekly until June. If you've got a few hours during the week to spare, you can make this fit into your schedule before the summer rush of friends and activity starts to settle in. Don't be shy, roll up your sleeves and get dirty!

You can find the registration form by clicking here. Print and mail the form or fax it in to Featherstone's office.


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