'Bad Parking on Martha's Vineyard' Exposed on Facebook Page

If you're the type of person who gets nervous while parking when others are looking on ... you might not want to read this story.

People are watching you park on Martha's Vineyard. (Patch file photo)
People are watching you park on Martha's Vineyard. (Patch file photo)
Park in front of a bike rack? Straddle the lines at Stop & Shop or Cronig's? Block driveways, intersections and other cars?

Sure, you can do it here on freewheeling Martha's Vineyard. Just be prepared to have your vehicle photographed and posted on the "Bad Parking on MV" Facebook page, along with some tart comments from eyewitnesses and others who belong to the 543-member open group.

One example: A large black SUV, its license plate clearly legible, is shown — in the words of the person who posted it Dec. 17 — "In front of the courthouse. Not only in a no parking spot but also over a foot from the curb." 

Responses to this post were 75 percent snarky:
  • "must have been late for court, lol"
  • "'but I'm only going to be a minute.' lol"
  • "oh c'mon you guys. it was snowing."
  • "If an emergency vehicle needed to make that turn for your family member it would not be ok."

Here's a sampling of other "Bad Parking on MV" posts, most of them accompanying photographs:
  • "Really!!!!!! Had to park right there and all spaces to the left were open. wtf unbelievable!! Edgartown stop & shop" (Posted Dec. 31: Photo shows a massive SUV crowding the pickup truck to its right - Editor)
  • "Thanks for blocking me in whoever you are. Been stuck for an hour. And I really dont want to dent the very nice Audi in front of me." (Photo posted Jan. 14)
  • "Today, at the VH Post Office. I can only describe it as I was not quick enough with the camera. Some dude in an SUV is backing up in order to grab a space that was just opening up. Except he never bothered to look behind him first. The lady waiting behind him leans on her horn, with more than enough time to stop. But noooooooo, he continues on, smashing into her bumper quite loudly. He gets out, looking irritated at her for being there. Damage was minimal." (Posted Jan. 6)
  • "This inconsiderate guy from jersey sat there with no handicap sticker, engine off. While his kids and wife were inside getting candy." (Posted Dec. 15: Photo shows minivan at a right angle across three parking stalls at Depot Corner; sample comment: "Smash that thing!!!!!)
Do you have a bad parking tale to share? Tell us in the comments.
David J. Munroe January 16, 2014 at 10:46 PM
Thank you for bringing this wonderful light hearted look at the parking habits of both Islanders and visitors alike to a more public awareness Louise. The page owners had over 100 new member applicants as a result. Sadly most of them were from around the country and weren't locals, however we are grateful for the publicity as a group and if we can 'encourage' folks to be more contentious when parking their vehicles and indeed driving them! then the group itself serves a valuable service and not just entertainment for those of us who either are directly affected by this problem on island on a daily basis or those who simply moved from the vineyard to other parts of the country and just want to see what's going on at the grass roots of island life. I am a proud member of this group, and in no way speak for them nor are involved in its administration nor creation.
David J. Munroe January 16, 2014 at 11:08 PM
replace 'contentious' with conscientious.
Louisa Hufstader (Editor) January 17, 2014 at 09:24 AM
Autocorrect strikes again! Thank you, David, for the kind words. I enjoyed the group when I stumbled across it and thought its efforts were worth sharing. And now I have become a member as well.


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